Living Waters Christian Fellowship

Living Waters was formed from a vision a group of people were given by God for Darnall over 20 years ago. Over these years we have experienced favour but alongside this some disappointments too. We are real people who remain committed, by the grace of God, to sharing the blessings God has given us. Life’s changed for him and filled with the Holy Spirit of truth.

We believe this is something that God wants to give to all who trust him (although that may sometimes mean not having all the answers to our questions). We love him (yet there is always room for being filled more with a love that satisfies like nothing else). We believe it is important for those that say to do so we come to worship and honour him as our Lord and do seek to serve in our place of worship, Darnall.

It has always been a desire for us to be involved within our community. This has been most effective when we work together through partnership with others. These friends are the other local churches; the local action groups and organisations who all have Darnall’s best interests at heart.

I see this church as a family. Living Waters is made up of people who have received new life in Jesus Christ. We recognise the importance of support to turn away from the unhelpful things in our lives and are prepared now to live for God and his Kingdom ways.

As we look around we should never forget that Darnall is loved by God. God knows all about the people of Darnall and cares for every person and has good plans ahead.

Our key values

  • To show the love of God through actions not just words.
  • Share our passion for God, the good news of life through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the authority of God’s word in our lives.
  • The importance of personal relationship with God through worship, prayer, times of study and reflection are vital.
  • Holy Spirit filled believers using the gifts of the spirit.
  • We pray for healing and minister to those in need in the name of Jesus.
  • A church made up of ordinary people who respect and value our community.